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At CloudLab, there is no one standard solution. There is always exactly your solution, whether for an online print store, 3D packaging or your branding. For customized web projects, from launch to go-live - and beyond.

CloudLab Solutions in the Nordics

CloudLab strengthens its consulting expertise for the Nordic market with Anders Eriksson. Anders will manage sales of our products in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Jonathan Bean

“In conclusion, implementing printQ for our nationwide food chain client has significantly streamlined our menu and POP management processes. Its ability to handle large file sizes, flexibility for custom solutions, and PDFlib integration have made it a valuable asset. Overall, printQ has proven to be a cost-effective and versatile web-to-print solution that has met our client’s evolving needs.”

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From underdog to global market leader: CloudLab has been making history with its innovative web-to-print solutions since 2013 - and still has a lot in the pipeline.



We at CloudLab are creatives, free spirits and techies. We live diversity and love our varied and exciting jobs. Become part of the team!

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Marc Horriar
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Sie Men Wenk
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Ionut Berescu
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Nico Olejniczak
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Lothar Popp
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Patrick Jarzabek
Chief Services Officer (CSO)
Andreas Storms
President CloudLab Americas
Jennifer Horriar
Executive Assistant
Lars Riehl
Head of Quality Assurance
Robert Schwarzhof
Quality Assurance Tester
Robert Schenke
Sales Manager
Anders Eriksson
Sales Manager
Tim Giessmann
Head of Key Account Management
Thomas Mac Millan
Sales Manager
Lancie Walker
Marketing Manager
Josip Burazin
Software Application Specialist
Alexander Schwarzhof
Head of Training & Services
Benjamin Schorn
Project Manager
Gerrit Arntzen
Project Manager
Florian Gruppe
Application Specialist
Chris Sanders
Project Manager
Paskal Wenk
Purchasing Manager
Tom Macpohl
Project Manager
Miguel Estero
Quality Assurance Tester
Sofia Tsouloukidou
Administration Assistant
Malte Spyra
Project Manager
Peter Gray
Application Specialist
Julian Schulte
Project Manager
Johanna Zier
Assistant tax consultant
Benedikt Karrasch
Customer Success Manager
Erik Karsten
Student / Trainee
Denis Keller
Marketing Manager