At CloudLab, we live diversity. The only thing that’s uniform - from programmer to manager - is our mix of craftsmanship, innovation and strategy.

Jared Damman

“Our goal is to help small and growing companies that sell consumer products make environmentally friendly choices for both the planet and their customers. This is especially important as the packaging industry is changing quickly. To make this happen, we needed to create an easy online shopping experience. CloudLab has assisted us in achieving this, while also giving us the necessary tools to make the process even simpler for customers who are searching for packaging products that can be composted.”


Nikolai Kästl

“The CloudLab solution has given us the chance to automate all the handling processes, and that is ultimately the key to success for any print shop. Put simply, I need to grow as a print service provider so that I can reap the benefits of automation. And with CloudLab, we have found a strong partner with whom to successfully achieve this goal.”


Tom Streefkerk

“Through the consistent further development of our digital business model, the processes could be automated even more as well as aligned for the future. We very much appreciate the cooperative and partnership-based collaboration with CloudLab, as it is always solution-oriented.”